Glacial Rock Dust

Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust is a natural mineral product which is produced over tens of thousands of years by piedmont glaciers. These traveling glaciers moved north to south during the last ice age. As these glaciers traveled they picked up different types of rock, containing a full range of minerals and trace elements. The expanding and contracting action of the glaciers over time have blended and pulverized much of this material, leaving it in a fine powder form. The deposits left at the end of the last ice age are known as “glacial moraine”. Select moraine deposits are mined, dried and screened in their purest form to be used in soil remineralization for all agricultural and horticultural applications.

Soil Remineralization is the process by which minerals are returned to the soil from deposits rich in minerals, restoring these soils to their natural state of balance. Soil remineralization reactivates soil organisms which benefit soil health and ultimately plant vitality.  Over the last 10,000 years, since the last ice age, many naturally mineralized soils have become depleted due to weathering, forest fires and other natural events, leaving these soils with mineral deficiencies. This condition has been further exasperated by chemical farming over the last century. Salt based fertilizers can have a toxic effect on many soil organisms, rendering them ineffective.

Soil Fertility: Glacial Rock Dust helps to promote healthy soil ecosystems by introducing minerals which stimulate microbial population growth. Increasing microbial populations has many beneficial effects on the soil ecosystem. These organisms are necessary for soil to re-create the colloids (minerals and humus) which are needed to improve soil structure and moisture holding properties. They also provide minerals to the plants in exchange for carbohydrates from photosynthesis. This complex ecosystem, known as the “Soil Food Web”, is vital for increasing mineral availability and balancing overall plant health.




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