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Steinernema carpocapsae is particularly effective against lepidopterous larvae, including various webworms, cutworms, armyworms, girdlers, some weevils, and wood-borers. This species is a classic sit-and-wait or "ambush" forager, standing on its tail in an upright position near the soil surface and attaching to passing hosts. Consequently, S. carpocapsae is especially effective when applied against highly mobile surface-adapted insects (though some below-ground insects are also controlled by this nematode). S. carpocapsae is also highly responsive to carbon dioxide once a host has been contacted, thus the spiracles are a key portal of host entry. It is most effective at temperatures ranging from 22 to 28°C.

Application rate:

S. carpocapsae


interval (days)





curative (small-scale infestations)




curative (large-scale infestations)





  • Larvae of soil and leaf-dwelling pests from the families of Noctuidae (noctuids)
  • Larvae of Pyralidae (e.g. Duponchelia fovealis)
  • Larvae of Tipulidae (crane flies)
  • Larvae of the great pine weevil (Hylobius abietis)
  • Also effective against the larvae of various pests belonging to the orders Coleoptera (beetles) and Orthopthera (e.g. mole crickets)
  • Larvae of Capnodis tenebrionis
  • S. Carpocapsae has also proven effective against: Fleas, worker or soldier ants and worker or soldier termites, caterpillars, pill bugs, maggots, and more
  • Considered to be the best choice for Crane fly and Outdoor Flea Control.

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