DIY methods to Ant (and Roach) control

Ants (and even roaches!) are an important part of our eco system, but ants can become a problem around precious plants like peonies, honeysuckle, etc.; or in the kitchen…  So here are a couple of DIY, KIS solutions: 

  1.  Many synthetic sweeteners contain the chemical known as ASPARTAME.  It is apparently quite toxic when ingested by insects.  However, if you leave it out in an area where ants and roaches visit, they will not touch it.  But, if you mix it 50/50 with confection sugar, they chomp it down and carry it back to the colony with devastating effect. 
  2. For a more organic approach, you can mix confection sugar with things like boric acid or baking soda: 50/50…  Ants (and roaches) can’t burp, so when they ingest baking soda their guts “explode.” 

For either indoor or outdoor use, take a piece of cardboard about 3” square, dip one edge in any fruit juice or sugar water (IE: Humming bird food) with a teaspoon or so of the above mixture on the surface.  Cover with a small box if outdoors.  Repeat every few days until the traffic “dies off.”  :-) 

If you have outdoor ant colonies, and you can locate their primary areas, the Beneficial Nematode: Steinernema carpocapsae work nicely on many pest insects that spend some portion of their life cycle in the soil.

DISCLAIMER & WARNING:  DIY methods are suggestions, not recommendations; Keep out of reach of pets and children


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